Magical Jelly Bean Garden Printable
Magical Jelly Bean Garden Printable

Magical Jelly Bean Garden Printable

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Add a little extra magic to your jelly bean garden activity with our cute printable.  Just add your jelly beans from the Easter Bunny himself! See the instructions below on how to grow your own magical jelly been garden.

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Here's what you'll need:

  • A bowl or container to put the magical jelly beans in
  • Sugar or crushed Oreos for dirt 
  • Green easter grass
  • Lollipops and any other treats your kids would like


1. Pour sugar into your container a little over hallway up.

2. Spread the green grass over top of the sugar.

3. Give your kids the jelly beans and use the downloaded printable. Let your kids plant the magically jelly beans right before bed and make sure they know the beans won't grow unless the go to sleep right away :)

4.  When kids are finally sound asleep take the jelly beans out and in their place stick into the sugar lollipops or whatever other tall candy you would like or have on hand.  I know my kids would be excited if it was just a bunch of Dum Dum's so don't complicate it.

5.  Soak in all the excitement and smiles in the morning when they see their garden of treats!