Balloon Garlands

If you want an AMAZING balloon focal point at your next gathering but aren't looking for a full balloon installation we offer assembled balloon garlands for pickup and delivery in the St. Louis area. 

We offer two design styles of balloon garlands to fit all your party needs. We do have a Premium custom option beyond the Deluxe that will be priced based on the design plan. 

Basic Balloon Garland $15 Per Foot - Our basic design style includes standard latex colored balloons of your choice.  These balloons come in a variety of sizes including  5 inch, 9 inch, and 11 inch balloons. 

Deluxe Balloon Garland $18 Per Foot - Our deluxe design style includes 1 24 inch balloon for every 5ft and 16 inch balloons in addition to what is included in the basic style for a much fuller look. It also includes your choice of chrome metallic colors, marble swirl, and confetti filled balloons.

Premium Balloon Garland $24 Per Foot- Our premium style includes all balloon sizes (5/9/11/16/24/36") in every foot along with specialty colors and foil balloons to match your custom design. 

The Extras - These items are not included in the design styles above but can be added to any design option. The items will be added as an additional charge.  

Balloon Flowers 
Greenery & Florals
Balloon Letters & Numbers 
Personalized & Logo Balloons