About Us

Hello! We are the Ashley’s…nice to meet you!

We are just two party lovers, raised in the Midwest that have been friends for almost 2 decades.  After party hopping around to a zillion kid parties, planning our own kids birthdays, endless hours on Pinterest at night instead of sleeping (we have the dark circles to prove it!) and entire paychecks spent on Etsy an idea was born.  We wanted to bring ease to pulling off the dream of a perfect party and leave your guests wondering how does she do it all.  We are here to help you plan the ultimate bash without loosing sleep or breaking the bank. 

Meet Ashley Detweiler

Hello! I am Ashley Detweiler and a mom to three cool kids per Olivia (10) my oldest, Jack (5) and Campbell (3) and married to my husband Jason for three years.  I have somehow survived the planning of three first birthdays, and now am passionate about helping other busy woman out there.  I love all things fashion, never take life too seriously, and have a work hard play hard mentality.  When I am not chasing around these crazy kids, you can find me working out, shopping or squeezing in some time with the girls.

Meet Ashley Roberts

Hi there! I am Ashley Roberts and a mom to two sweet babies Ford (3) and Reese (1), married to my hubby of six years Tony who I met in college and dog momma to a golden doodle Dexter. I love any creative outlet, crafting and have true passion for all things planning.  The dream of being a mama and entrepreneur is something that has been a longtime coming and I am thrilled to be starting a company that includes all my favorite things.  In my free time I like to…who am I kidding…I have no free time, but being busy is what I do best!

Our Company Philosophy

 Every mom has had those moments where you can’t get those unnecessary sprinkled patterned moccasins out of your head or that half birthday tutu outfit that you know your kid will only wear for one perfect picture before it goes into a tote in the basement.  Party Hop will make that decision an easy one when you can rent it at a fraction of the cost and ship it back when you are done…dilemma solved! We know how unglamorous, tedious and expensive party planning can be in the life of a busy mom.  We are on a mission to bring the party in your head to life without lengthening your to do list.  Our philosophy is to keep it as simple as we can for you without sacrificing the style and pretty details.