Space Birthday Moon Rock Hunt

A Moon Rock Hunt in your own back yard, it's a part of space that you can actually pick up and keep! 

Thinking of, preparing, and executing a kid birthday party activity can be a daunting task, but not with a moon rock hunt. For most moms, all you have to do is check your basement for the old plastic Easter eggs, look in your kitchen drawers for aluminum foil, and check the pantry for some candy( or this is your excuse to go buy some candy and eat a few pieces on the way home!) Most local grocery stores or Dollar Stores have all of these items but in case your a Prime Mom like me all of the supplies are listed below.



And the short step-by-step instructions on how to make the Moon Rocks:

  1. Add the candy, toy, or trinkets to the plastic egg
  2. Wrap the egg with the aluminum foil to make a rock like shape. From my experience, the bigger the piece of aluminum foil the better the rock shape 
  3. Hide the Moon Rocks just like an Easter Egg hunt
  4. Let the kids loose to find the rocks! 
This is an easy and fun activity for any Space themed birthday party, but you could also use this game to learn about the solar system and astronomy. How cool would it be to see the earth from space? To go to the moon and bring a piece of it to your own back yard! This will help your child’s imagination grow in such a fun and unique way!