Hosting a Baby Shower? | You have to know about THIS

Today we are so excited to have our first ever guest blog post! Check out our friend, guest blogger and twin mama, Lauren’s review of our Baby Box!

Since you’re here at Party Hop, we know you love when we help you make life easier. And when you’re throwing a baby shower, sometimes it’s easy to forget to get the mama-to-be a gift! That’s why we think you’ll love the TinyTracker™, a personalized, practical and pediatrician recommended baby log and memory book all in one. 

Continue reading to see what this twin mama has to say after testing out our new Baby Boxes! And then head over to Tiny Tracker to grab the cutest practical baby gift we've see and then you can check the party planning and gift off your to-do list!

Hosting a Baby Shower? | You have to know about THIS

Who doesn’t want to throw the Pinterest worthy baby shower or birthday party everyone gushes ever with those one-of-a-kind handmade signs and lovely llama piñatas from Etsy? 

But how often does the shower actually come together exactly the way you envisioned? 

And... how many times have you spent hours scouring the web, packing your shopping cart to the brim with the *cutest* items, only to realize that you won’t receive them in time?

If you’re one of the lucky ones that has pulled off a first birthday or baby shower without a nervous breakdown, I’m sending you a virtual high five. For the rest of us... party planning can be a teeny bit stressful. 

We want #allthetthings, but we just don’t have #allthetime. (Yes, Beyoncé has the same 24 hours in her day, but she’s got A LOT of help)

Enter Ashley and Ashley, the mamas behind Party Hop 

They’re on a mission to make party planning easier for all moms. Because let’s face it, the first year of our littles’ lives is full of parties! 


Making Party Planning Easier

Friends and local St. Louisians, Ashley and Ashley designed a business making all moms' lives easier. From the mom without a creative or crafty bone in her body, the DIY mom, the working mom, the amazon everything mom, to the last-minute mom and the crazy-organized mom, the Party Hop helps moms create simplified, stress-free decor for virtually any celebration or shindig. From custom photo backdrops to ombre balloon garlands to their party rental services, they’ve got it all. 

I’m most excited about the recent addition these party planning pros have added to their repertoire: they just launched their party boxes and they’re a total game-changer. 

My favorite? The Baby Box. It’s basically your one-stop-shop for all of your baby bash needs. 


The Party Boxes

Perfect for baby showers, sprinkles, sip-n-sees or welcome home from the hospital decorations, the Baby Box has everything you need to get started. 

But don’t just take it from me, how cute are these baby shower basics specially curated for the discerning hostess with the most-ess? 


Great for Any Budget

Whether your budget is $250 or $1200, the baby box can help both novice and seasoned hosts pull off a celebration with ease.

Each of these new Party Hop boxes has been hand-curated to ensure a cohesive consistent design (so you don’t have to spend hours researching) and can be used as stand-alone decorations or as a supplement to virtually any baby shower theme. From rose gold foil accents to balloons and garlands, each box is a great way to elevate your event.

I just wish I knew about these boxes years ago!  


Save time, money and your sanity

Time is money and if you’re anything like me, I’m usually looking forward to my next nap- not scrolling endlessly on amazon to find the exact matching balloons that color coordinate with my theme. Besides, between cooking, sleeping, and shlepping the kids to and from school, my free time is at a premium!

When you buy a party box, you can say goodbye to:

  • Spending hours searching on Etsy or amazon for the perfect decorations
  • Worrying about colors matching 
  • Messing with the hassle of returns, exchanges or trips to the local craft store

Best of all If you can’t make the shower or you’re cohosting from out of town, you can send a baby box to still be a part of the planning. 

What's inside each Baby Box?

Let’s get down to the specifics. Each Baby Box contains:

  • A “BABY” rose gold foiled letter balloon banner (a staple at any shower)
  • 5 “Oh Baby” Confetti Balloons (Boy or Girl)
  • 10 Parenting Advice Cards
  • Rose Gold Tassel Garland with blue or pink


Now that I’ve officially added Party Hop Party Boxes to my entertaining repertoire, party planning has become so much more simplified for me. And if you don’t need that in your life, you’re crazy!

So whether you’re hosting a baby shower, a sprinkle or a sip-n-see, the mamas behind got you covered.

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