DIY 4th of July Party Ideas

Happy Birthday America!!! What a better way to celebrate than cocktails, crafts, and a firework station! 

Red White & Blue Layered Cocktails

These Red, White and Blue Cocktails are a patriotic way to cool down this 4th of July.  They are refreshing yet simple, and always give a bit of wow factor to any guest, but make sure you have plenty of ice!!!

What you need:
Cranberry juice

Glacier Cherry Gatorade Frost

Glacier Freeze Gatorade Zero

Bacardi Razz Rum


1. Add a splash of cranberry, if this is for adults you can add in 2 shots Bacardi Razz now, and if for kids replace the 2 shots with cranberry juice. 

2. Fill the glass with ice to the top and make sure you add the next 2 liquids SLOWLY 

3. Add the Glacier Cherry Frost Gatorade, pour slowly and in the middle of the cup, this will help with the separation of the liquids. Fill almost to the top, leave enough room for a splash of the next 

4. Add the Glacier Freeze Gatorade to the top, for a little blue to top your drink off! 

*This drink goes down easy but is filled with electrolytes, so that means it’s justified, right?? 

DIY Craft Paper Table Runner

A patriotic(or any holiday) table runner is a must! You can use this on the table for a seated dinner, on the kitchen island to describe your delicious food, or at a kids table to keep them busy but not destroy your table, ha!

Supplies needed:

Craft paper-can be found at most craft stores but also check out Dollar Store

Marker/Paint-that's on you if you want to take a risk with kids doing the paint, or keep it simple and do markers/stickers/stamps

Stencils and Paintbrushes 

Sparkler Safety

Safety is KEY on the 4th of July, but it can also be cute! One of the easiest safety hacks for kids is to use a solo cup, or any plastic cup that you can stick the sparkler through, so your kids can hold onto the sparkler but they still get all the fun of holding and seeing the sparkler up close. 


Disclaimer, if my 2 and 3 year old can do this pretty much any kid can, ha!