The New Way To Party


As we head into the new year and with Valentine’s Day approaching, there’s no one I can think of who embodies the virtue of love more than a Mother. We provide love and so many other things to everyone else and willingly put the needs of our family first.  If you’re like us that can get overwhelming at times especially when it comes to life’s special occasions.  This is what inspired Ashley and I to start our business Party Hop. 

We started this company with a mission to help Moms.  At Party Hop we accept ALL Moms – the Pinterest Mom, the Amazon Mom, the plan way in advance Mom, the do it last minute Mom, the crafty Mom, the Mom without a creative bone in her body, the single Mom, the working Mom, the Mom with a to do list a mile long.  We love you all and can relate to you all!  You see we had stayed up all night looking at every party picture on Pinterest (we have the bags under our eyes to prove it!), spent entire paychecks on Etsy and knew there had to be an easier way to throw a party. Especially after throwing five first birthday parties between the two of us.

We envisioned a one stop shop where you can get everything you need instead of spending endless hours running around town or surfing the web only to realize by the time you remember to place your order that it’s going to take two to three weeks to ship.  Then inevitably the mom guilt sets in.  In an effort to say bye-bye to mom guilt we have created six themed kids birthday parties that have been carefully curated and promise to leave your guests wondering, how does she do it all?

At the end of the day I think we can all agree… it’s not about the perfect Pinterest worthy party it’s about the smiles on their faces and the special feeling and memories created on that day.  If we can have any part to do with making one more special family memory while doing what we love then our day is made!

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